Hello everyone,

First of all I want to thank your for taking some of your time and visiting my blog.
I hope you enjoy it and get some inspirations as well in fashion as in life and learn something about yourself and the way we can make life feel less complicated.
I am a student of philosophy and politics but to be honest that isn't the way I  want to go in my future. There is a huge larger passion for writing, fashion, interior decoration and all the little things that make life more beautiful!
Granted the passion for fashion came rather late but I began to notice how simple things like the way we dress every day can influence our self-confidence and thus our behavior and charisma.
I think there is a way for everyone to feel comfortable and to sweeten up life, also with fashion!
But loving fashion in this case doesn't mean shop till you drop and copy styles.
I love my life even if there are situations and moments that aren't that beautiful and comfortable but I think these moments are also important to make us notice what we live for and what we should be thankful for.

My dream is to compare my passions and inspire other people with what I think about, what I've learned (yes even a 22 year old girl could have made many experiences!) and I want to realize this dream with this blog as a little project of my own.

I want to share my thoughts with you, want to express my experiences and I am thankful for every suggestion and comment! :)

Xo Deborah Chloe

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