Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

Olivia Palermo for Oscar de la Renta.

When I saw the fashion shows the last few days I fell in love with the collection of Oscar de la Renta and his flawless beautiful designs. I also love Olivia Palermo and so I was more than happy to read that she's the face of a collaboration between Oscar de la Renta and TheOutnet.

As I am a dress lover I fell in love with the dresses of course, but also with the beautiful colorful trousers and blouses, the fabrics and the feminine cuts.
There are flower printed dresses in beautiful and bright colors also as great fabrics with tweed and chiffon. 
The designs aren't to bold but that's the point I love about this collection. I think every woman would look beautiful with a bright colored floral printed dress or a classic blouse with a polka dot skirt, a tweed jacket and their most loved heels.

Let's have a look and enjoy :)

Xo Deborah Chloe


Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Trend. Dreams come true.

Just want to remind you that there is a dream to make come true! <3 
Never give up on your dreams lovelies, never ever! 

Samstag, 16. Februar 2013

New York Fashion Week 2013- My Favorites

Hey lovelies,

Everyone who loves fashion has followed New York Fashionweek the last few days (most of us with pictures or online streams) I guess.
I loved seeing pictures, online streams and interviews with designers or models. I love the atmosphere of each single show at the catwalk as well as behind the scenes where models and designer are excited about their presentation and everyone wants to make everything perfect.

At this fashion week there were metallic skirts and jumper (as seen at the show from Marc Jacobs), velvet has had it's comeback as well as fur and there have been more masculine and strong cuts (Ralph Lauren).
As always I love the designs from Marchesa because their designs are so beautiful feminine and look like made out of a princess dream.
In this post I collected my favorite looks from this years New York Fashionweek F/W2013 to show you them and maybe to discuss them.

What are your favorite pieces and which designer did you like the most? I hope you have a fabulous weekend sweeties!

Xo Deborah Chloe

The Spanish painter Francisco de Goya and his painting, the Maria Teresa de Vallabriga shows in front of a mountain range on horseback, was a source of inspiration of the fall / winter Kollekion 2013/14 by Marchesa. I love their designs because they always look so feminine and like made out of dreams about being a princess or a fairy.

I love Ralph Lauren but the clothes I got at stores have nothing in common with the pieces on the catwalk. There are masculine touched cuts and designs, made for strong and independent women.

love this strong but also feminine look with beautiful ruffles.

I also loved the show by Oscar de la Renta because there were classic two-parter from blazers and knee long skirts presented in a variety of beautiful colors. Also beautiful dresses printed with drawings of asian gardens and decorated with beautiful sparkling stones.
I especially fell in love with these dresses.

Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Valentines Day and Single?!

Hello there Lovelies,

Today I saw I few commercials for valentines day and thought about all the single ladies there outside and about what they will do on this "special" day. But then I thought about if this day really is that special or just a good thing for commercials and marketing.
Because before valentines day we are bombarded with advertising and (special) offers but what has commercial to do with love? Well, not that much I guess.

And then I thought about all the single ladies and that it's not that bad to be "alone" at valentines      day.
But at first let me say that there is nobody really alone because there are friends and family who love you more than you could imagine and love is not just all about a man on your side.
To be single has as many advantages as being in a relationship and even if you want to love and to be loved there are also a few points you don't have to deal with what means that there is no (relationship-) stress.
Sure valentines day means to be with your beloved, but love doesn't only mean the love to a man does it? So there are your gal pals, your beloved ones who cheer you up in any situations and in the most cases this is quite more precious than a man.
Valentines day might be great if there is a real prince by your side I think, but if not that doesn't mean the end of the world.
I think this day is a great excuse to give a party or maybe a sleepover for and with all your single gal pals, cook a great dinner, mix your favorite cocktails (virgin as well as with alcohol if your of a legal age!). You can play funny games together, talk about everything and watch great movies (the funny ones as well as the heartbreaking ones).

Even if I am in a very happy relationship and I will enjoy my valentines day with my boo, I wanted to give some ideas for a valentines day single-party-sleepover-thing. I hope you like it and have a great valentines day with your loved ones sweethearts.

Xo Deborah Chloe <3

favorite movies:

                                                                  1) Pretty Woman

                                                                     2) Dirty Dancing

                                                                   3) Valentines Day

 4) Lady and the Tramp -  I really do love Disney and for that reason I have to mention one  Disney movie that fits into that valentines day thing: Lady and the Tramp. <3

favorite dinner:

Because to cook with your friends is a lot of fun but every one has his own taste and his own favorite ingredients I love to make pizza with my friends. It's easy to "cook" and every one can surface his piece of pizza according to his own taste. <3

sweets and snacks:

If you decided to watch movies all night long it would be great and classic to make some popcorn.
But if you want to surprise your gal pals with some sweet cookies, give these chocolate cookie hearts a try.

Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Moods and Perfumes.

Hello Sugarbirds :)

Today I woke up as every morning, went to the shower and while showering I suddenly wanted to try my boyfriends shower gel which smells more intense than mine but a little bit like coconut and I love it's smell.
While using his shower gel I thought about the effect that smells and fragrances have on our daily mood and that there is a perfume for every mood on my dressing table. When I feel powerful and creative I love to use light, fresh and flowering fragrances.
In the evening I love to "wear" a more heavy fragrance with musk and vanilla because if you go out for dinner or a party there are many smells too and I want to have my fragrance keep smelling for the whole evening/night.
If it's a warm and sunny day I love to wear dresses and for then I love to use a more girly perfume with light but sweet ingredients.
Do you know about the power of smells/fragrances also while learning or relaxing? Fragrances can help you to relax and calm down but they also can have the opposite effect.

What are your favorite fragrances? Have you a few fragrances for some moods too?

Xo Deborah Chloe