Samstag, 16. Februar 2013

New York Fashion Week 2013- My Favorites

Hey lovelies,

Everyone who loves fashion has followed New York Fashionweek the last few days (most of us with pictures or online streams) I guess.
I loved seeing pictures, online streams and interviews with designers or models. I love the atmosphere of each single show at the catwalk as well as behind the scenes where models and designer are excited about their presentation and everyone wants to make everything perfect.

At this fashion week there were metallic skirts and jumper (as seen at the show from Marc Jacobs), velvet has had it's comeback as well as fur and there have been more masculine and strong cuts (Ralph Lauren).
As always I love the designs from Marchesa because their designs are so beautiful feminine and look like made out of a princess dream.
In this post I collected my favorite looks from this years New York Fashionweek F/W2013 to show you them and maybe to discuss them.

What are your favorite pieces and which designer did you like the most? I hope you have a fabulous weekend sweeties!

Xo Deborah Chloe

The Spanish painter Francisco de Goya and his painting, the Maria Teresa de Vallabriga shows in front of a mountain range on horseback, was a source of inspiration of the fall / winter Kollekion 2013/14 by Marchesa. I love their designs because they always look so feminine and like made out of dreams about being a princess or a fairy.

I love Ralph Lauren but the clothes I got at stores have nothing in common with the pieces on the catwalk. There are masculine touched cuts and designs, made for strong and independent women.

love this strong but also feminine look with beautiful ruffles.

I also loved the show by Oscar de la Renta because there were classic two-parter from blazers and knee long skirts presented in a variety of beautiful colors. Also beautiful dresses printed with drawings of asian gardens and decorated with beautiful sparkling stones.
I especially fell in love with these dresses.

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