Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Valentines Day and Single?!

Hello there Lovelies,

Today I saw I few commercials for valentines day and thought about all the single ladies there outside and about what they will do on this "special" day. But then I thought about if this day really is that special or just a good thing for commercials and marketing.
Because before valentines day we are bombarded with advertising and (special) offers but what has commercial to do with love? Well, not that much I guess.

And then I thought about all the single ladies and that it's not that bad to be "alone" at valentines      day.
But at first let me say that there is nobody really alone because there are friends and family who love you more than you could imagine and love is not just all about a man on your side.
To be single has as many advantages as being in a relationship and even if you want to love and to be loved there are also a few points you don't have to deal with what means that there is no (relationship-) stress.
Sure valentines day means to be with your beloved, but love doesn't only mean the love to a man does it? So there are your gal pals, your beloved ones who cheer you up in any situations and in the most cases this is quite more precious than a man.
Valentines day might be great if there is a real prince by your side I think, but if not that doesn't mean the end of the world.
I think this day is a great excuse to give a party or maybe a sleepover for and with all your single gal pals, cook a great dinner, mix your favorite cocktails (virgin as well as with alcohol if your of a legal age!). You can play funny games together, talk about everything and watch great movies (the funny ones as well as the heartbreaking ones).

Even if I am in a very happy relationship and I will enjoy my valentines day with my boo, I wanted to give some ideas for a valentines day single-party-sleepover-thing. I hope you like it and have a great valentines day with your loved ones sweethearts.

Xo Deborah Chloe <3

favorite movies:

                                                                  1) Pretty Woman

                                                                     2) Dirty Dancing

                                                                   3) Valentines Day

 4) Lady and the Tramp -  I really do love Disney and for that reason I have to mention one  Disney movie that fits into that valentines day thing: Lady and the Tramp. <3

favorite dinner:

Because to cook with your friends is a lot of fun but every one has his own taste and his own favorite ingredients I love to make pizza with my friends. It's easy to "cook" and every one can surface his piece of pizza according to his own taste. <3

sweets and snacks:

If you decided to watch movies all night long it would be great and classic to make some popcorn.
But if you want to surprise your gal pals with some sweet cookies, give these chocolate cookie hearts a try.


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  2. great post! i like all the movies you have listed.
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