Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

Designer and Illustrator: New Talent Hayden Williams

Hey lovelies,

Have you ever heard of Hayden Williams? A 21 year old british guy and self-made fashion designer?
No? So it's time to change that ladies! I've seen some of his illustrations at Instagram first and fell in love with them but then he opened a Facebook page too and I am a huge fan of his illustrations and designs!
They're not only feminine and pattern but also stylish and there is something special in them.
With so many designers and fashionistas out there it is hard to get a space in this branch but not for Hayden Williams. Even stars like Rihanna und Kim Kardashian love his illustrations and designs and I am pretty sure he will make it through the best! For now there is a cooperation with sketch street and you can find beautiful cocktail dresses and gorgeous coats at their homepage here.
For me Hayden Williams is a huge inspiration not only because of his fashion and designs but because of his story. It shows that if you have a dream and you're really talented in something there is no reason not to try out and make your dreams come true!

What do you think about his illustrations?

Xx <3

my favorite 

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