Montag, 25. März 2013


Hello there sweeties.

Sorry for not posting since a few weeks but there were a few things to manage and we worked on a new kind of project I will show you soon.

The last few weeks have been freakin' cold here in Germany and although the spring once had a brief look the temperatures got colder again and we had to pull out our winter clothes again - I couldn't imagine when I wanted to live in beautiful sunny L.A. more than in the last few weeks - and we got a kind of depressive while we had to look into a grey sky again and again (no sunshine).

But what could be more fun than to brave the cold winter weather and shop for some beautiful spring and summer clothes in the most beautiful pastel colors? I love this pastel color trend not only because the wonderful sorbet colors remind me of sweets and a happy living but also because I think most of these colors fit sun kissed women as also as the somewhat paler ones (like me).

So I shopped to get over this bad cold weather and fell in love with a few clothes and I'll show you my favorite picks under the post below. For spring and summer I love to dress up a little bit more girlie and to wear skirts and dresses most of the time.

I hope you have a fabulous day! Maybe some of you can already enjoy a sunny weather (maybe in L.A.? :p ) and if so what are your favorite clothes to start into this spring season?
Leave a comment below :) !

Xo Deborah Chloe

Love this neon and pastel color mixed skirt! So beautiful for spring AND summer and so easy to combine both with a cute white lace top also as with a more casual basic top. 
Skirt by even&odd, seen at Zalando

Also these shoes are made to brighten up spring and summer with soft sorbet colors. Love it!
  Shoes by Tamaris, seen at Zalando

Fancy some muffins on your dress? I fell in love with this dress because for spring and summer I love to dress up a little bit more girlie than in autumn and winter. With these cute muffin dress (maybe mixed with the blue shoes?!) there is a lot of sweetness for sure! 
Dress by even&odd, seen at Zalando

It was love at first sight with this beautiful maxi skirt by mint&berry. Not only the beautiful sorbet colors but also this super cute print! For me this skirt fits perfect not only because of the flattering shape but also because of the print and my blog name (sugarbirds...). This will be my first "project" coming soon sweeties :) Maxi skirt by mint&berry, seen at Zalando

Fancy some soft ice to go? Top by even&odd, seen at Zalando

A little bit more colorful and not that sorbet but I also love this top by even&odd, seen at Zalando

This cute white lace shirt is easy to mix with your favorite jeans but also with a skirt or shorts. Shirt by even&odd, seen at Zalando.

Beautiful flattering peach tunic by mint&berry, seen at Zalando

Sweet swinging' peach colored skirt with little bird print by mint&berry, seen at Zalando

not pastel colored but with this little baby I fell in love too... 

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