Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

David Beckham for H&M- a ladies eye-catcher.

Hello lovelies,

When you think of sexy abs, a beautiful smile and a trained body you may think of your favorite most beautiful hollywood beau or...of David Beckham and the commercial for his first underwear/bodywear line (for men) in cooperation with H&M.Well, it seems like he has forgotten how that smile-thing works but I think it's not that productive to sell body wear for men with a cute smile, than with a hot and strong facial expression.

He does not only design his own underwear, he also present it to us in a damn hot kind of way.
For his commercial he collaborated with Guy Ritchie (who is great producer I think!) and makes women's hearts beat faster...

I think most of you have seen the pictures already but for those who haven't seen it yet...enjoy the pics below the post because the commercial isn't only for men I think but also for all the ladies outside who wants their men look sexy and who love to have a look at trained bodies (even if this isn't the most important thing on a man!).

What do you think of his designs? Would you like to see some pieces on your boyfriends' body?

Xo Deborah Chloe

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