Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Chanel haute couture show and a statement against gay marriage prohibition.

Have you seen the Chanel haute couture show in Paris? No? So I think you have to not only because of the fabulous and beautiful designs but also because Karl Lagerfeld set a very important statement at the end of his show and I love it!
Karl Lagerfeld set at his Chanel haute couture show in Paris' Grand Palais, not just a fashion, but also a political statement. 

As we now the final of a fashion show is mostly also the fashion highlight, a great and fabulous moment that will be remembered. 
At the Chanel couture show at the Grand Palais, it was not only the beautiful dresses in the minds of the viewers, but the thought behind it.
At the end of his show - keeping with tradition - fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld sent his bride-design on the catwalk. A white, romantically decorated robe. Not worn by ONE, but TWO of brides, walking hand in hand through a beautiful backdrop.
Walking next to them: the little mini model and Karl Lagerfelds' godchild Hudson Kroenig.

I think this is a wonderful and important statement against demonstrations and the prohibition of gay marriage!
Especially in Paris where have been several demonstrations against gay marriage the last week and were this topic is currently a highly topic.

So this wasn't only a beautiful haute couture show (you have to watch it because it's really beautiful and I love everything about, fashion, staging!) with beautiful dresses and designs but also a fashion-political-statement and I really love it! 
Because there is nothing wrong with love right? So why do so many people think that gay marriage or gay love would be wrong?

What do you think about this statement? A risk? Leave a comment.

Xo Deborah Chloe

P.S. For all of you who haven't seen the highly discussed picture yet, have a look below the post.
        If you want to see the whole show you can have a look here.


  1. I thought this was such an interesting aspect in their fashion show. Definitely daring! Just found your blog through Lauren Conrad's website! Have a great day and I hope you can stop by my blog sometime! <3

    1. Yes I think so too. I love it! Thank you Sweetie, I'll check it out :)

      Xo Deborah Chloe


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