Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

New trend alert- Meggins. A Fashion Fauxpas?

Have you ever heard about sexy men wearing tight leggins? No? So didn't I and that's for a good reason I think. But some great genius people might have thought that it would be great to create something that makes our men unsexy as hell and emphasize their feminine side.
Maybe they have watched too much of Robin Hood movies or stuff like that.
Well there might be some men looking good with this new trend but I think that's not a rule.

What do you think about this new trend? Would you like to see your boyfriend wearing your leggins?
Well...If this is getting a trend for real then we shouldn't wonder if we have a look at our closet, wondering where our leggins are...maybe we just have to ask our beloved boyfriends :)
Damn it Robin Hood...

Xo Deborah Chloe


  1. I loved that you blogged about this. I thought about it because I saw this trending even in the US and I laughed! Love your blog and all of your cute posts. I'm a new blogger and found your site on! Check mine out and we can follow each other!

    XO Courtney

    1. Aww thank you Courtney :) That means a lot to me! I'm a new blogger too and I love to write posts and think about different things!

      I laughed about that new trend too because I think not even we would wear leggins this way! So I think "meggins" aren't suitability for daily use.

      Xo Deborah Chloe


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